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February 2018

How Do You Restore Confidence?
How Do You Restore Confidence? Dr. Kjar & Candessa

Our theme for the month of February is RESTORING CONFIDENCE, so we asked the question to our very own staff members, “How do YOU restore your confidence?”. So many great ideas to utilize!
Paula (Patient Coordinator): “I find I do better when I get up early. I like to “do” and that makes my day and life go much better when I get going and keep going. I also like to think of the positive. Life is filled with hard things, but as long as I focus on the good, I can handle it all much better.”
Kylie (Master Esthetician): “I need good music and exercise! It makes me feel better and stronger. Also, I can’t live without my monthly chemical peels and laser hair removal!”
Allie (Master Esthetician): “I restore confidence by going on a run outside, the fresh air makes me feel sooo free and amazing, I also love receiving spa treatments such as facials and massages and that make me feel like new!!”
Marci (Medical Assistant): “I restore confidence by trying my best to be present in the moment, doing yoga, getting outside for a hike or walk, and cooking healthy meals.”
Mallory (Master Esthetician): “I feel like I can take on anything that comes my way when I get up and get a good workout done. I feel stronger, clearer in my thoughts, and happier. My confidence is boosted when I get a facial, too! I feel like the relaxation, pampering, and skin treatment I get makes me less anxious and tense.”
Amy (Patient Coordinator): “I restore confidence by treating myself to

February Specials
February Specials Dr. Kjar & Candessa