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June 2018

Beach Bag Essentials
Beach Bag Essentials Dr. Kjar & Candessa

Summer is finally here! Warm weather, vacations, and relaxation are finally in sight! But just because you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean your skincare regimen has to be. Here’s what we keep in our beach bags to keep our skin healthy and glowing all summer long!

Tantasia: Jane Iredale’s self tanner is full of vegan and gluten free ingredients that deliver a beautiful and natural looking tan that lasts all vacation long! The tinted formulation provides instant bronzing and optimal application control. A unique blend of ingredients work with your skin to gradually develop a customized, even, natural-looking tan. The sensitivity tested formula makes it ideal for us on the face and body. Unlike most self tanners, the delicate citrus scent is uplifting and fortunately does not have any unpleasant after-smell.
Lip Drink: Lip Drink is one of the Skin Cancer Foundation’s recommended products for daily use. With SPF 15, and four different shades, there’s a fit for every skin tone and type. A variety of waxes and oils combine to provide an antioxidant-rich protective shield. With a refreshing lemon flavor, you’ll feel and smell, fresh all day long!
Sun Smart: Our office’s most popular SPF boasts a broad- spectrum UVA/UVB protection, with SPF 40 protection. Sun Smart feeds your skin antioxidants to prevent free-radical damage. As well as providing much needed moisture for more dry skin types. With a matte finish, even men will love it. The smooth silicone finish makes for a great makeup primer, too!
Anti-Ox Ultra (Original and Oily): This ground breaking serum firms skin, stimulates collagen, brightens skin tone, and smoothes texture. The potent anti-oxidants help prevent free radical damage and also helps to enhance retinoid effectiveness. With two separate formulations for normal to aging and combination to oily skin. There is a formulation for every skin concern.
Sheer Peptide: This lightweight moisturizer is good for all skin types. It contains much needed peptides to restore collagen (improving fine lines and wrinkles), enhances your skin natural moisturizing abilities, and is paraben and fragrance free. We all know how easy it is for your skin to begin to look dry, dull and flakey throughout the summer. That’s why Sheer Peptide is one of our secret weapons! Not only do the peptides help to smooth down flakey dead skin cells, but it helps to lock in moisture all day long!
Drops of Essence Hydration Drops: Drop of Essence is a silky, soothing, light serum that quickly penetrates the stratum corner, providing valuable hydration and tissue support to slow down aging skin. It includes Omega 6 essential fatty acids similar to human lipids. This can be used as a daily moisturizer. to increase skin thickness, and provides anti-inflammatory benefits. It belongs in your beach bag due to it’s pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, in case of a sunburn. Did we mention it works well on cold sores as well? We love our Drops of Essence!
Grape Seed Hydration Mask: Our Grape Seed Hydration Mask is packed full of antioxidants, and compliments any summer home care regimen beautifully. This skin soothing mask leaves skin feeling fresh and soft. The perfect mask for after a long day out in the elements!

June Specials
June Specials Dr. Kjar & Candessa

It’s another start to summer and we’ve got the specials that will keep your skin healthy, glowing, and vibrant!