Breast Procedures

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Kjar

With Dr. Kjar, breast surgeries are more than the stereotypical over-augmentation, also known as the “Barbie look” that is so common now. Dr. Kjar’s experience and personal approach creates a beautiful experience and results for your particular needs. By listening carefully to your perspective and then lending his considerable experience and skill to your personal situation, Dr. Kjar is able to create exceptional results that have led to hundreds of happy patients.

Dr. Kjar performs several breast surgeries, including:

Each procedure also includes a pre-and post-op care package from Candessa Aesthetics at no extra cost, including:

  • Scar Treatment to help with possible textural concerns and tone of scar
  • Lymph Drainage Massages to lessen swelling, bruising, pain and the effects of surgery
  • At-home products to help with scarring, post-operative swelling, and skin health


Dr.Kjar also performs breast reconstruction. To find out more about breast reconstruction, click here.