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Neck and Decollete Care in 20's, 30's and 40's
Neck and Decollete Care in 20's, 30's and 40's Dr. Kjar & Candessa

One area that always gives away your age is your neck and your décolleté. We often forget to take care of these sensitive areas! We spend so much time focusing on our face, we need to give that same type of care and attention to these surrounding areas. You are never too young to begin caring for your skin. But in this post we will address what you can start to do in each decade to combat the first signs of aging, all the way up to deeper lines and wrinkles.
In our 20’s and 30’s we need to start setting a base foundation for how we will care for our skin for years to come. As we begin to age, our body naturally stops producing collagen. This process begins in our 20’s. So we must do what we can to prevent the breakdown of our existing collagen. So what can you do to protect your skin from premature aging?
Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen daily. A large majority of the collagen loss in your skin can be attributed to UV sun damage. So make sure you do not forget your neck and décolleté when applying your SPF in the morning. You want to use an SPF of at least 30, and reapply consistenly when out in the sun for extended periods of time.
Moisturizers and Serums: When applying moisturizers and serums, don’t forget your neck and chest! Any serum from a hyaluronic acid, such as our Sheer Peptide. To a vitamin C, such as our Anti-Ox Ultra, will do your skin some good. It is also a good idea to begin using a product such as our Neck Smoothing Cream. With over twenty different tighteners, and gentle retinol. You can help prevent some of the environmental aging before it even begins. So be sure to show your face, neck and décolleté some love, daily!
Facials: Consistent facials at any age will be an important tool in your beauty arsenal. Facials address the face, neck and décolleté. Ask your aesthetician to upgrade your facial to either a microdermabrasion that for an additional fee includes your neck and décolleté, or a mild chemical peel that can stimulate new collagen and elastin, and soften lines and wrinkles.
By your 40’s and 50’s you should definitely be consistently applying sunscreen and at-home products like mentioned above. But as our skin continues to age and change, it is time to start focusing some of your in-office treatments on your neck and décolleté. Everyone ages differently, but it is not uncommon to begin seeing some lines and wrinkles (necklace lines) appear across the neck. Depending on how you sleep, you may realize the lines on your chest that you used to fade away not long after waking up in the morning, are now noticeable at all times. Sun spots are beginning to pop up, and you feel like you’ll never have your gorgeous, young looking chest again! But never fear. There are a variety of in-office treatments that you can utilize to turn back the clock.
Chemical Peels: Chemical peels are a fantastic place to begin. Chemical peels are no longer as daunting as they once were in the past. With the variety of peels that exist now, depending on the desired intensity, there are many peels that are an easy option to add in to your regular facial. Have you ever had one of our Brightening or Illume peels? Did you know both can be used on your décolleté? Because why stop at your face! Especially if pigmentation, or harsh texture is becoming an issue for you. Those two peels are a fantastic place to begin reversing those signs of aging skin.
PhotoFacials: Lasers are your friend when it comes to anti-aging treatments with minimal downtime. Photofacials are fantastic at not only treating unsightly pigmentation issues, but helping to tighten and tone the skin. Downtime is different for everyone, but is typically less than 24 hours. Up to 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart may be necessary for best results. But it is a fairly quick and easy way to turn back the clock!
Venus Viva and Diamond Polar: One of the newest additions to our office, but the most effective. The Venus Viva and Diamond Polar Skin Tightening are two separate treatments, but they pack a 1-2 punch that is a great option whether you are just beginning to see the first signs of aging, or have some signs of advanced aging. The Venus Viva and Diamond Polar are both powered by radio frequency. The Venus Viva is comparable to microneedling, a buzzword in the aesthetics world at the moment. Radio frequency is used to create small pinhole channels deep down into the skin. These channels create a controlled injury in the skin, that results in the growth of new collagen and elastin. The radio frequency breaks down texture in the lines and wrinkles, smoothing the appearance of even the harshest of lines. Up to 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart are suggested for best results.
The Diamond Polar utilizes radio frequency as well. But in this treatment the radio frequency is used to bulk heat the skin. When the skin reaches a certain temperature for a specific amount of time, it tightens and tones the tissues that have begun to have issues with skin laxity. These two treatments work beautifully hand-in-hand to deliver the best results possible! Skin tightening treatments may be done weekly, and in a series of 3-8 treatments, depending on the severity of the issues.
Home care will always be necessary to see your best, long-term results. The combination of skincare and in-office treatments will leave your skin in the best possible condition, despite the environmental and genetic odds we all fight daily. If your neck or décolleté have become an area of concern for you, consultations with our aestheticians are always complimentary. Schedule a consultation today, and let’s get you on the road to happy and healthy skin!

Help! I’m sunburnt… What now?
Help! I’m sunburnt… What now? Dr. Kjar & Candessa

After a sun drenched holiday like the 4th of July, many of us are feeling the burn after a long day of playing in the sun. The damage has been done. So what can you do now?
Many of us are googling or heading over to Pinterest for all of the tips and tricks we can find. But you may find relief in some of the skincare products you already own!
Drops of Essence- Rhonda Allison: Rhonda Allison Drops of Essence provide the skin with Omega 6 essential fatty acids. Similar in structure to human lipids, they not only aid in healing process of peeling skin, but they also provide anti-inflammatory benefits, minimize scarring, and relieve pain. This moisturizer helps uneven, irritated, or scarred skin types, and  is perfect for burns, cold sores, and even shingles.
Smooth Affair- Jane Iredale: Jane Iredale’s makeup primer, and aloe based moisturizer is very calming and cooling post-sunburn. Lighteners and brighteners help to smooth the appearance of splotchy uneven skin.
Anti-Ox Ultra- Candessa: This powerful antioxidant serum packs a punch when it comes to preventing Free Radical damage. Free radicals are unstable cells caused by sun damage, that can eventually lead to the creation of skin cancers. The antioxidants provide the stability these damaged cells need to help prevent further damage in the skin. It also helps boost retinoid effectiveness.
SunSmart- Candessa, Dream Tint- Jane Iredale, Pressed or Loose Foundation- Jane Iredale: You’re already burnt. Let’s not make matters worse! We have numerous forms of sunscreen to help prevent further damage. Whether it’s our SunSmart moisturiver, or any of Jane Iredale’s foundations, make sure you’re loaded up on SPF and protected for the future!
Sheer Peptide: So now you’re peeling. How annoying, right? Sheer Peptide not only attracts and locks in more moisture for sun sensitized skin, but it also helps to smooth out flaky skin. The hyaluronic acid acts as a glue for lifted and dry skin, creating a smoother appearance.
Cucumber Aloe Facial- Our in-office facial is packed with cooling and healing ingredients.  A gentle papaya enzyme exfoliates and hydrates, our vitamin C add on helps to reverse free radical damage, our Soothing milk mask with our aloe booster helps to hydrate sensitized skin, as well as reducing redness and environmental stresses. Finished with a matte aloe moisturizer and sunscreen, your skin will be as good as new!

Beach Bag Essentials
Beach Bag Essentials Dr. Kjar & Candessa

Summer is finally here! Warm weather, vacations, and relaxation are finally in sight! But just because you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean your skincare regimen has to be. Here’s what we keep in our beach bags to keep our skin healthy and glowing all summer long!

Tantasia: Jane Iredale’s self tanner is full of vegan and gluten free ingredients that deliver a beautiful and natural looking tan that lasts all vacation long! The tinted formulation provides instant bronzing and optimal application control. A unique blend of ingredients work with your skin to gradually develop a customized, even, natural-looking tan. The sensitivity tested formula makes it ideal for us on the face and body. Unlike most self tanners, the delicate citrus scent is uplifting and fortunately does not have any unpleasant after-smell.
Lip Drink: Lip Drink is one of the Skin Cancer Foundation’s recommended products for daily use. With SPF 15, and four different shades, there’s a fit for every skin tone and type. A variety of waxes and oils combine to provide an antioxidant-rich protective shield. With a refreshing lemon flavor, you’ll feel and smell, fresh all day long!
Sun Smart: Our office’s most popular SPF boasts a broad- spectrum UVA/UVB protection, with SPF 40 protection. Sun Smart feeds your skin antioxidants to prevent free-radical damage. As well as providing much needed moisture for more dry skin types. With a matte finish, even men will love it. The smooth silicone finish makes for a great makeup primer, too!
Anti-Ox Ultra (Original and Oily): This ground breaking serum firms skin, stimulates collagen, brightens skin tone, and smoothes texture. The potent anti-oxidants help prevent free radical damage and also helps to enhance retinoid effectiveness. With two separate formulations for normal to aging and combination to oily skin. There is a formulation for every skin concern.
Sheer Peptide: This lightweight moisturizer is good for all skin types. It contains much needed peptides to restore collagen (improving fine lines and wrinkles), enhances your skin natural moisturizing abilities, and is paraben and fragrance free. We all know how easy it is for your skin to begin to look dry, dull and flakey throughout the summer. That’s why Sheer Peptide is one of our secret weapons! Not only do the peptides help to smooth down flakey dead skin cells, but it helps to lock in moisture all day long!
Drops of Essence Hydration Drops: Drop of Essence is a silky, soothing, light serum that quickly penetrates the stratum corner, providing valuable hydration and tissue support to slow down aging skin. It includes Omega 6 essential fatty acids similar to human lipids. This can be used as a daily moisturizer. to increase skin thickness, and provides anti-inflammatory benefits. It belongs in your beach bag due to it’s pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, in case of a sunburn. Did we mention it works well on cold sores as well? We love our Drops of Essence!
Grape Seed Hydration Mask: Our Grape Seed Hydration Mask is packed full of antioxidants, and compliments any summer home care regimen beautifully. This skin soothing mask leaves skin feeling fresh and soft. The perfect mask for after a long day out in the elements!

Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Skin Cancer Awareness Month Dr. Kjar & Candessa

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Did you know? With 5.4 million cases and more than 3.3 million people diagnosed annually, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Fortunately, skin cancer is also one of the most preventable forms of cancer and highly treatable when detected early. These are the most recent statistics from The Skin Cancer Foundation.
Jane Iredale has seven SPF products approved by The Skin Cancer Foundation. Here are some tips and tricks:
PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation, SPF 20 or SPF 15: For a soft natural matte bronzing powder with an SPF, choose a deeper shade of PurePressed Base. You will achieve a natural sun-kissed complexion, without the harmful effects of the sun.
Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder, SPF 20: By adding a mist of POMMIST Hydration Spray, you will provide a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radical production caused by sun exposure.
Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream, SPF 25 or SPF 17: Achieve paparazzi ready complexion, for any indoor or outdoor event with our new Blending/Contouring Brush for a velvety finish. Extremely water-resistant, making this the perfect wedding foundation.
Dream Tint Tinted Moisturizer, SPF 15: For complexion, so smooth it glows, mix Dream Tint and a dime size amount of Golden Shimmer, apply with Blending Brush for a sophisticated radiant effect.
* Are you beach ready? Not unless Powder-Me SPF is in your tote bag! Protect your skin from the harmful sun rays, and enjoy your swim knowing it is water resistant up to 40 minutes *
Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen, SPF 30: Make the application of your sunscreen fun and more glamorous. Add some 24-Karat Gold Dust into the powder to achieve an all-over glistening effect or mix with Tantasia for an instant bronzing to your skin.
Your moisturizer or body lotion has no SPF? Create it by adding a little Powder-Me SPF into your moisturizer or body lotion. Your skin will appear smoother.
Forgot to apply sunscreen, and now you are sunburned? Apply Powder-Me SPF to help calm and soothe the skin.
HandDrink Hand Cream, SPF 15: It is the perfect companion for your handbag, especially when getting your manicure. Let the nail technician perform the hand massage with only the best.
Looking to show off those fabulous sandals or stilettos? Let HandDrink do more than just hands; it is also great for your feet. Next time you are due for a pedicure, have your nail technician massage the cream with a little 24-Karat Gold Dust. The result is an elegant visual effect to your legs and feet.
Lip Drink Lip Balm, SPF 15: Did you know? Lips have no oil-producing glands, which leaves them unprotected against the elements, causing dryness and aging effects.
In love with a particular shade of eyeshadow or blush, and wish, you could find it in a PureMoist Lipstick? Let LipDrink transform any eyeshadow or blush into a long-lasting SPF lip shade. Apply LipDrink in Sheer and lightly tap the color of your choice on top, seal it with a touch of lipgloss. Our personal favorite is Violet Eyes as a lip shade topped with Kir Royale PureGloss Lip Gloss, for a sparkling effect.
PureMoist Lipstick: Did you know? The average woman spends $15,000 on makeup in her lifetime- and of that amount, $1,780 goes toward lipstick. From, women will use up to 9 pounds of lipstick in their lifetime.
When choosing the perfect shade for spring, base it on your natural lip color, not your skin tone. 

  • Pale lips look great in cherry, red or coral. Give Gwen a try!
  • For naturally reddish lips, try a hot pink or vivid orange, like Renee.
  • For dark lips, you can have a lot of fun with deep vampy shade like Cindy or Margi. 

You can make your lipstick last longer if you blot with a tissue and reapply the lipstick again. A second coat will add shine and coverage.
Our aesthetician’s are always happy to do a complimentary color match for you to find a foundation, lipstick or gloss that you will want to wear all summer long! Stop in to try something new, or to pick up more of your summer makeup favorites! 

May Specials
May Specials Dr. Kjar & Candessa

What Injectable Is Right For My Age?
What Injectable Is Right For My Age? Dr. Kjar & Candessa

We sat down with Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Kjar to learn more about the injectables he recommends based off of your age, and the anti-aging concerns he’s able to treat for each demographic.
What injectables are age appropriate for 20-30’s, 30-40’s, 40’s-50’s, 50-60’s+? 
Botox works very well on facial lines and can help prevent lines from forming if it is kept up. Lip fullness can be enhanced by Juvederm filler.
All of the above work in this age group.
Facial atrophy and volume loss are starting in some people this age and deep fillers (Voluma & Sculptra) start to be beneficial and helpful
All of the above (30-40‘s) work in this age group.
Usually in this group more people are dealing with sagging and need to consider facelift
In this group, combinations of surgical care and non-surgical treatments are beneficial, including treatments such as facial spot treatment with chemical peels and laser treatments.
What wrinkles (dynamic and static) would benefit from injectables?
Wrinkles of your skin are the result of aging of your skin. The two prominent fibers of your skin are collagen and elastin.
Collagen is the tough fiber that gives your skin strength and this is found mostly in your skin layer called the dermis. Elastin is the fiber that can expand and contract when pulled on. It is like a new rubber band. As you age, your elastic fibers become brittle or breakdown with exposure to sun and dryness and they are also effected by smoking.
Proper care of your skin with moisturizers, prophylactic sunblocks and therapeutic free-radical scavengers like vitamin C serums will maintain and to some degree reverse damages done to your skin by these attacking agents which are damaging the elastin fiber.
In general there are 2 categories of wrinkles you can have. These are static and dynamic wrinkles.
Static wrinkles arise from the breakdown of the elastin fibers of your skin and leave the skin wrinkled (fine or coarse wrinkles) when your face is not moving or is not animated. Superficial fillers work best on this kind of superficial line. Another cause of static lines is a loss of volume to your face either from weight loss or aging. A deep filler like Sculptra or Voluma will help you with this kind of aging.

(Before and After of Sculptra)

Dynamic wrinkles are not present on your face until you use your muscles of expression which create these lines when you frown, smile, cry, etc. They disappear when your face is not animated. They are caused by the action of your muscles under your skin upon your skin and they are usually at a right angle or 90 degrees opposite from the direction of the muscle movement. Botox and other paralyzing injectables work best on this kind of wrinkle or line.

At what point does someone need a facelift instead of injectables?
If you have loose skin and hanging in your jowl or neck area, injectables will not correct these problems.

March Specials
March Specials Dr. Kjar & Candessa

How Do You Restore Confidence?
How Do You Restore Confidence? Dr. Kjar & Candessa

Our theme for the month of February is RESTORING CONFIDENCE, so we asked the question to our very own staff members, “How do YOU restore your confidence?”. So many great ideas to utilize!
Paula (Patient Coordinator): “I find I do better when I get up early. I like to “do” and that makes my day and life go much better when I get going and keep going. I also like to think of the positive. Life is filled with hard things, but as long as I focus on the good, I can handle it all much better.”
Kylie (Master Esthetician): “I need good music and exercise! It makes me feel better and stronger. Also, I can’t live without my monthly chemical peels and laser hair removal!”
Allie (Master Esthetician): “I restore confidence by going on a run outside, the fresh air makes me feel sooo free and amazing, I also love receiving spa treatments such as facials and massages and that make me feel like new!!”
Marci (Medical Assistant): “I restore confidence by trying my best to be present in the moment, doing yoga, getting outside for a hike or walk, and cooking healthy meals.”
Mallory (Master Esthetician): “I feel like I can take on anything that comes my way when I get up and get a good workout done. I feel stronger, clearer in my thoughts, and happier. My confidence is boosted when I get a facial, too! I feel like the relaxation, pampering, and skin treatment I get makes me less anxious and tense.”
Amy (Patient Coordinator): “I restore confidence by treating myself to

February Specials
February Specials Dr. Kjar & Candessa

We Ask Dr. Kjar About Kybella
We Ask Dr. Kjar About Kybella Dr. Kjar & Candessa

Kybella has become a buzzword in the aesthetic injectables world in recent years, but some confusion remains as to what Kybella does and how it works. We sat down with Dr. Kjar to answer some of these questions. Save $250 OFF your first two Kybella treatments if you book your first treatment before February 28, 2018.
Why did you choose to bring on Kybella in to your practice?
I do liposuction of fat under the chin in the neck often, but I chose to bring Kybella on in my practice to give my patients another option for fatty pockets in that area.  It is a more permanent, non-surgical method to treat fatty necks.   
What is Kybella doing for the double-chin area?
Kybella is an injectable solution that dissolves the fat cells in the area treated.  It is injected in small increments spread over a grid pattern on the neck.  It creates a temporary swelling of the area and will give some discomfort like a warm to hot sensation, like you have from mild jalapeño pepper for a day or two.  This is caused by the Kybella interacting with the fatty tissue.  This is a well studied form of mesotherapy. 
How many treatments until your patients are seeing results?
Kybella treatments are done about a month and a half apart allowing enough swelling and healing to occur so that the next treatment works well.  It usually requires 4 treatments to see the optimal result.  Each treatment gets rid of some of the fat, and will give an improved look.  But be patient, the swelling after the treatment will make you think: “Why did I do this?”   However, you will be glad when you see the predictable changes that come from this treatment and enjoy permanent results.
What sort of down-time do your patients have?
Kybella injections don’t prevent you from doing many things, but you do want to take it easy for a day or two after the first injection.  Avoid heavy exercising for a couple of days after.  You’ll learn to adjust your activity after the first treatment.  The “down time” is more social than physical.  The swelling will possibly keep you from feeling comfortable in front of others who will ask you what you did. That subsides enough to hide with clothing or scarves after 2-3 days.