Help! I’m sunburnt… What now?

Help! I’m sunburnt… What now? Dr. Kjar & Candessa

After a sun drenched holiday like the 4th of July, many of us are feeling the burn after a long day of playing in the sun. The damage has been done. So what can you do now?
Many of us are googling or heading over to Pinterest for all of the tips and tricks we can find. But you may find relief in some of the skincare products you already own!
Drops of Essence- Rhonda Allison: Rhonda Allison Drops of Essence provide the skin with Omega 6 essential fatty acids. Similar in structure to human lipids, they not only aid in healing process of peeling skin, but they also provide anti-inflammatory benefits, minimize scarring, and relieve pain. This moisturizer helps uneven, irritated, or scarred skin types, and  is perfect for burns, cold sores, and even shingles.
Smooth Affair- Jane Iredale: Jane Iredale’s makeup primer, and aloe based moisturizer is very calming and cooling post-sunburn. Lighteners and brighteners help to smooth the appearance of splotchy uneven skin.
Anti-Ox Ultra- Candessa: This powerful antioxidant serum packs a punch when it comes to preventing Free Radical damage. Free radicals are unstable cells caused by sun damage, that can eventually lead to the creation of skin cancers. The antioxidants provide the stability these damaged cells need to help prevent further damage in the skin. It also helps boost retinoid effectiveness.
SunSmart- Candessa, Dream Tint- Jane Iredale, Pressed or Loose Foundation- Jane Iredale: You’re already burnt. Let’s not make matters worse! We have numerous forms of sunscreen to help prevent further damage. Whether it’s our SunSmart moisturiver, or any of Jane Iredale’s foundations, make sure you’re loaded up on SPF and protected for the future!
Sheer Peptide: So now you’re peeling. How annoying, right? Sheer Peptide not only attracts and locks in more moisture for sun sensitized skin, but it also helps to smooth out flaky skin. The hyaluronic acid acts as a glue for lifted and dry skin, creating a smoother appearance.
Cucumber Aloe Facial- Our in-office facial is packed with cooling and healing ingredients.  A gentle papaya enzyme exfoliates and hydrates, our vitamin C add on helps to reverse free radical damage, our Soothing milk mask with our aloe booster helps to hydrate sensitized skin, as well as reducing redness and environmental stresses. Finished with a matte aloe moisturizer and sunscreen, your skin will be as good as new!