We Ask Dr. Kjar About Kybella

We Ask Dr. Kjar About Kybella Dr. Kjar & Candessa

Kybella has become a buzzword in the aesthetic injectables world in recent years, but some confusion remains as to what Kybella does and how it works. We sat down with Dr. Kjar to answer some of these questions. Save $250 OFF your first two Kybella treatments if you book your first treatment before February 28, 2018.
Why did you choose to bring on Kybella in to your practice?
I do liposuction of fat under the chin in the neck often, but I chose to bring Kybella on in my practice to give my patients another option for fatty pockets in that area.  It is a more permanent, non-surgical method to treat fatty necks.   
What is Kybella doing for the double-chin area?
Kybella is an injectable solution that dissolves the fat cells in the area treated.  It is injected in small increments spread over a grid pattern on the neck.  It creates a temporary swelling of the area and will give some discomfort like a warm to hot sensation, like you have from mild jalapeño pepper for a day or two.  This is caused by the Kybella interacting with the fatty tissue.  This is a well studied form of mesotherapy. 
How many treatments until your patients are seeing results?
Kybella treatments are done about a month and a half apart allowing enough swelling and healing to occur so that the next treatment works well.  It usually requires 4 treatments to see the optimal result.  Each treatment gets rid of some of the fat, and will give an improved look.  But be patient, the swelling after the treatment will make you think: “Why did I do this?”   However, you will be glad when you see the predictable changes that come from this treatment and enjoy permanent results.
What sort of down-time do your patients have?
Kybella injections don’t prevent you from doing many things, but you do want to take it easy for a day or two after the first injection.  Avoid heavy exercising for a couple of days after.  You’ll learn to adjust your activity after the first treatment.  The “down time” is more social than physical.  The swelling will possibly keep you from feeling comfortable in front of others who will ask you what you did. That subsides enough to hide with clothing or scarves after 2-3 days.